CSI Cyber Review

We’re 10 minutes into CSI Cyber…

So I consider myself a CSI aficionado.  I’ve been a fan of David Caruso since he licked John Rambo’s boot.  Horatio is just awesome.  Even with the dramatics, he pulls it off.  I figure I have as much credibility as anyone to comment on the new version.

Here’s the quick version.  I told Mrs. Bredfan the other night that I thought Patricia Arquette was a dumb bit**.  My opinion hasn’t changed.

But hold that thought for a second.

The first 10 minutes were tough to get through.  I get that the plot line needs to be established and the characters need to be introduced.  This is especially true in a pilot episode.  But whoever directed this needs to be taken out back and shot.

The cutsie digital interference was just downright stupid and annoying.  I finally get some decent square footage on my TV – not to mention paying out the ass for the HD DVR – and the dumb ass director thinks it’s a good idea to f**k up the picture to make an artistic point?


I thought maybe they’d just do it through the opening credits, but it didn’t stop.

Come on, man.  I spent the better part of my childhood fixing rabbit ears and vertical holds (sorry if you’re under 40 and reading this).  Now I have to sit through a director who is purposefully making the show I’m watching scramble?

Alright – crappy direction and production aside.  The story line seems okay, and Patricia Arquette is no longer relegated to the depths of being a dumb bit**.  Now she’s in the ranks of shitty actress too.

Just horrible acting.

I’m enjoying my second glass of Warres Tawney Porto.  Maybe her terrible acting will get better.

More to come.

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