Range Bags for Women

Muddy Girl - Range Bags for Her
Bulldog’s Muddy Girl Range Bag

Choosing range bags for women has some unique considerations. The functionality will be the same, so in that regard choosing the best range bag is the same no matter what.

But women tend to like some different characteristics. Women tend to like some splashes of color and they also tend toward smaller range bags.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things women look for in a good range bag, and also a few of the best choices…

What’s Important in Range Bags for Women?

The essentials for a women’s shooting range bag are what you would expect:

  • Ample storage compartments
  • Pockets for extra magazines
  • Pistol restraints or slots
  • Durable materials
  • High quality closures and zippers
  • Style and colors

All these things are found in any range bag except that last point. It’s not that other bags don’t have style and color, it’s that the range bags for her tend to have bright colors that are more feminine, compared to the brown, black and grey we find in most others.

The Muddy Girl Range Bag

Range Bags for WomenBulldog manufactures of all kinds of tactical and range bags, and they have a nice one that is made with the female shooter in mind – The Muddy Girl. There are a couple bags in the Muddy Girl Line:

The Mini Range Bag is perfect for a single pistol and range basics, while the Deluxe bag has much more space. Both have a purple woods camo print that women seem to like.

The Delores Compact Range Bag

Dolores Range Bag for HerNot to be outdone by Bulldog, Allen has the Dolores Range Bag, which is a feature-rich bag but comes with light purple (Orchid) accents. This bag does a great job for a compact – dedicated pistol slot, magazine loops and a soft lined compartment for eye protection. Another big plus – we look for on most of our gear bags – MOLLE straps for all kinds of accessories.

With women being one of the fastest growing groups of shooting sport enthusiasts, it’s no wonder that all the big name manufacturers are making ranges bags just for women. Have a look around and you’ll see lots of options – some specifically for women, and some with some colors that make the choices for women easier.