Book Review of Second Revolution

Second RevolutionHere’s a quick review – well, really more of a summary – of a great story.  My buddy Jim Kulas recently published this novel and it deserves a read…

This story starts by relating how a married couple deals with a question faced by many couples; i.e., involuntary, early retirement in their middle years. The author goes into detail about who these people are and what made them modern patriots, caring parents and grandparents. It is later apparent that all the detail is necessary to see how they, and the rest of the family react with and influence each other as they come together out of necessity, and set the stage for saving the republic.

There is a bigger story within the story. Over 100 years of progressive rule has essentially trashed our Constitution. The news stories follow Jack and Angel into retirement, chronicling America’s steady loss of individual freedom and slide towards anarchy.

It turns out that the People have had enough and decide to take their country back when the government goes too far. The story details how one group of Patriots takes on the Federal Government in a series of battles and skirmishes and does their part in our Second Revolution. With them, we learn what similar groups are doing in furtherance of their common goal.

The story ends with the reader wanting more. It also hints at a future adventure involving the main characters in restoring our Constitution to the greatness envisioned by our founding fathers.

Pick up a copy of this novel – you’ll enjoy it!  Get it here…

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