We once asked a series of profound questions: Is the bluegrass sub-culture a conservative or a liberal enterprise? Can you be so far right, you’re left? Is there such a thing as a patriot liberal? Are liberals always pacifists, or are they only pacifists when it suits political goals?

As we endeavored to answer these timeless questions, something magical happened: ToBeRIGHT! was born.

Since 2007 (or was it 2006?) we rode the tide of the blogosphere to all kinds of cool places…

The first Tea Party rallies – my 3 year old son and my 78 year old Mom made signs and picketed our congressman’s local office along with a couple hundred friends. I was at the Mall for the first big one. And the second big one. And then Glenn Beck’s Love fest (I forget what he called it).

Then there was the first time I pissed off some troll and I spent two days in written combat with hundreds of crazed internet zombies who were commenting on some blog post. I think it was about Obamacare.

Susan Cloud, the (then) Producer for the Mark Davis show called me one day and asked me to go on the air with Mark. Since he had substituted for Rush Limbaugh so many times, I was thrilled. I think it went well, though I’d have rather talked politics than the subject we covered.

One day I wrote this piece that was obviously satire… I used names like Jimmy Madison and Gene Debs to write about how the gubment was going to start fining parents for having fat kids. Some moron thought it was real and I spent another day fighting back zombie comments.

I took my 16 year old nephew out to shoot some clays. I shoot every week. The kid beat me every round. Not by much, but by enough. Crap. Okay, well that has nothing to do with TBROutfitters and where we come from, but somehow it seemed noteworthy, nonetheless.

I guess the point is that ToBeRIGHT! has been a fun ride. Most blog posts are by a few very talented contributors. So it’s not collecting dust just yet.

But we needed something more…

Back in 2012, a wonderful contributor named Carrie started writing for TBR about women’s second amendment issues. Some of her posts are still the most popular and most often visited pages on TBR. At that point, TBR became a distributor for Concealed Carrie (pun intended, but no relation). They produce a line of concealed carry purses and handbags for women.

That got the ball rolling…

TBROutfitters evolved from ToBeRIGHT. Our motto is “Practical Tactical.”  Now you’ll find a curated list of the best range bags, gear bags and tactical backpacks.  There will be other items added from time to time, and if you have anything you’d like to put for sale on the site – please let us know! Just hit up info@tbroutfitters.com.

Alright…now go buy something.

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